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  • Congo (RDC) Cities are gone

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    Can anyone help me, I have noticed for years that there is a bug in the game. However, nothing has been done about this to date. It doesn't mean much, but for others this is a big problem. The fact is that in Africa you have two Congo, namely the “Democracy Republic of Congo 🇨🇩” & “Republic of Congo 🇨🇬” now it is the case that the cities of RDC 🇨🇩 have not been included for years, because the cities of the other congo congo brazzavile 🇨🇬.
    I have been encountering this error for years and no one has noticed it.
    I want to play the game realistically. I was born in the RDC capital Kinshasa 🇨🇩
    Only the cities of this country are not included. What I find very unfortunate and in the meantime very frustrating is that nothing is being done about this. See the images I attach. Hopefully someone can report this before the official game comes out (the cities from RDC Congo are not in the game, they put the cities from the other congo in the game. 2x cities like Brazzavile. and not the cities like Kinshasa and the other)

    foto 2.jpeg

    foto 1.jpeg


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    • SI Staff

    Thanks for the report. Looks to be a translation issue in Dutch which is causing confusion here.

    The Dutch has been amended and will be available in a future data update 

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