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  • Roles of backs

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    Two roles for the back position are almost identical in the Dutch translation:

    1. Naar binnen komende vleugelverdediger
    2. Naar binnenkomende vleugelverdediger

    Except of the space in the middle there are identical. This makes these roles very confusing.

    I would suggest changing the name to something that isnt almost the same as another role. 


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    On 15/11/2023 at 15:31, Brian Stapleton said:

    they are different

    Yes, in English they are both clearly different roles. But in Dutch both have almost the same name. That leads to a lot of confusion about which role stand for which type of play?

    I would suggest to change the names in Dutch so they are clearly different. 

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    On 20/11/2023 at 12:11, Brian Stapleton said:

    Can you send me a screenshot where the full role name is displayed?

    This is just how it is displayed in game in the tactic window. It isnt fully displayed. Only if you hover over the name.


    In the player view it is fully displayed:


    The first and last one are almost identical in name (the only difference is the space), but they are two different roles. The first one has only defending duty, the last one defending, supporting and attacking.

    From the tactic view:



    In English both have distinct names:

    • Inverted Wing-Back
    • Inverted Full-Back

    In Dutch there names are too identical. You really have to look closely for the difference in their names.

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