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  • newgen players are taking existing player UID

    • Public Status: Resolved Save Game: Nicholas Shen - Girona FC_v1.fm Files Uploaded: Save Game

    Not sure if it only happnes for save brought over from FM23, I have noticed some newgen players are taking existing player UID which means the newgen is overwritting the old players.




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    Confirm also happening: Pmk6q0WCpqXFD0L2LR2rOD92asntrxyY5yzoMsuH 

    This is a newgen with UID 2000125465 which is the same UID as Stephen Padrao who is a now unemployed Salford player who is also still in the db.


    Note that these screenshots are taken from two difference saves 

    I don't know what would happen if you were to add new leagues mid save and get more players from those loaded leagues that shared a UID with an already created newgen, I haven't been able to recreate that happening.

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    I am having this issue. ID of 3 known newgens that this is happening on:




    My save is uploaded as Liverpool Beta 25.10.fm


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    Happening with me too on a holiday save in 2038. Found five examples so far.

    Maurício Tristão (2000163965) - Same ID as McKenzie Mason (ex-Peterborough youth player)


    Sidónio Assane (2000087359) - same ID as João Mendes (Barcelona)


    Manuel Del Moral (2000042609) - same ID as Joe Smyth-Ferguson (ex-Burnley youth player)


    Marnix Vanderheyden (2000134953) - same ID as Timo Jansink (Heracles Almelo)


    Haji Haule (2000145070) - same ID as Sil Milder (Vitesse)



    Already uploaded a save file as CFuller_Badelj2038.fm. Can re-upload if needed.

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    16 hours ago, ramie said:

    Happening to me on most newgens. Pretty jarring

    Yes, because they haven't bothered to fix it in the latest patch. Given this relates directly to the database, which is the fundamental aspect of the game, it should've been a priority...

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    Can SI confirm what happens if you add new leagues later in the game? e.g. if you're managing with just Russian league and get a newgen with ID 123 then add Scotland after 3 seasons and a previously not loaded Scottish player called "John Doe" has ID 123, will he get loaded with a new ID or not at all?

    It's a bit of a pain to test myself i'm hoping SI would clarify if adding new leagues is buggy or not so we can make a decision whether to risk loading them?

    @Zachary Whyte

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    4 hours ago, CFuller said:

    Or perhaps it's not as easy a fix as you seem to think it is.

    Or perhaps the game shouldn't have been released with such a bug, especially given it hasn't been present in previous FMs? Not to mention it was first reported during EA.

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