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  • Incorrect Actual Playing Time causing players unhappiness

    • Public Status: Info Provided Save Game: Nicholas Shen - Girona FC_v1.fm Files Uploaded: Save Game

    Same problem from FM23, young players don't have the corect actual playing time which has caused players unhappiness.



    1) Example 1
    Jhon Solis 19yr promoted from U19 team.
    Agreed playing time: Squad Player.
    Started 4 times and subbed 5 times in domestic league.
    Started 2 times and subbed 2 times in champions league.
    Actual playing time is shown as Youngster.



    2) Example 2
    Arnau Ortiz 22yr promoted from B team.
    Agreed playing time as Breakthrough Prospect.
    Started 1 times and subbed 5 times in domestic league.
    Subbed 3 times in champions league.
    Actual playing time is shown as Surplus to Requirements.




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    • SI Staff

    Hi @nicholas.shen

    Just to let you know, although it shows lower than they are it's not affecting the playing time happiness, if you use the 'playing time view' you can see that both Solis and Ortiz are 'very happy' or 'delighted' with their current playing time. 

    There is a known issue where the 'media opinion: international' incorrectly states the player needs to play more to get in to the international team which triggered the issue with Solis and is why Ortiz doesn't get unhappy.


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