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    Neil Brock
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    What is the Bug Tracker and how is it different to the normal Bugs Forums?

    The Bug Tracker whilst similar in appearance, allows our internal testing and community team to have better visibility on the issues being raised within the community. 

    So how will the Bug Tracker be better for us, the players?

    We're looking to try and provide quicker responses to all issues raised, acknowledging the time and effort you, as the players, have taken to raise them with us. Whilst we can't guarantee how quickly an issue can be addressed by our team, we can make sure it's logged within our internal systems and that we have all the required information for it. We're hopeful of being able to reply quickly, so if we need additional info like say a save game or a screenshot, you'll be more likely to be able to provide that. 

    Likewise using the Public Status information, we hope to give you information on the current status of each issue - whether it's already logged and under review, in a position where we need more information or examples, or whether the issue has been resolved and addressed in an update. 

    Does this mean that anything I raise will definitely be fixed in the next update?

    As with all issues raised to us, they will be assessed for priority and complexity for a fix. Whilst of course we strive for an issue free game, in some situations due to time and resource constraints, we may not be able to address an issue with a certain timeframe. The priority of issues is decided based upon how much of an impact the issue may have and what area of the game it affects. 

    If it's in an area nearly all users access across all playable leagues, this will have a higher priority than say one for one specific rarely played league on a screen players visit less often. 

    How will I know that my issue has been addressed or fixed? 

    With every update we release we include a change list, which lists some, but not always all changes and fixes. Whilst we will try to respond to threads informing users when a specific issue has been fixed, in some circumstances we may not be able to. But it is our aim to try and do so, so you have clarity after an update comes out. 

    So how do I actually use the Bug Tracker? 

    We've written out some detailed instructions on How to Use The Bug Tracker to help you get used to the new system. Please do take the time to read them.  

    I've raised a thread but don't want to upload a save game. Does that matter? 

    Generally it's easier for our coding team to step through the problem within a save game in order to see what's happening and to fix it. Sometimes they can do it without a save, but it definitely improves our chances and the speed of a potential fix.

    I posted a thread x days ago and it hasn't had a response. What should I do?

    Our aim is to try and make sure every thread gets a response or a clarification if the issue is already known. However please do appreciate that just after the release of the game, the forums and tracker are busier than usual. With the filtering system we have in place if an issue hasn't already been responded to, it is on a list and will be picked up. As we tend to work from oldest to newest, if you bump the thread with an unnecessary additional comment, it may mean it takes longer before it's responded to.


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