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  • Finishing is completely broken..

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    The state of finishing in this game.. reducing good strikers to just hitting one-one-ones out the stadium is not a way to address too many goals. Honestly not even fun at this point...


    Consistently the better team and losing or drawing because my strikers just decide to shoot off target when literally in front of goal.. 


    Until this is fixed i'm not playing.. like what's the point.. this happens way too much in one season!d57d92d781cb39b4842b0f4daa0fa9b8.jpga1fa513998e3bbdd60a7cf441fc19dd5.jpg2e91b230daae20e514e91fca2ceb8d41.jpgd0f839c2388aee8f595222f52990c904.jpg2394eafbc3340aa5cc8a072b2625f936.jpg





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