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  • Forwards dribble away from goal rather than shooting

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    This seems to happen to me pretty much every game I've played so far.

    A forward player (or underlapping midfielder) will break through the lines with a run, and receive a pass. He'll be in either a one-on-one situation or a very strong shooting position on the right hand side. But instead of shooting, they dribble the ball away from goal, turn, and pass it back out of the box.

    It doesn't seem to happen on the left hand side, that I've noticed. 

    Example in the attached game at 2-1 up, around 75-85 minutes in (sorry, I forgot to write the exact time down).

    In that game, my opponents then went on to score an equaliser from a corner... they got a header which my guy on the far post just let hit him, and the ball drops at the feet of their striker on the goal line, of course! :confused:

    Appreciate your time! :)

    Sochaux v Paris FC PEnglish.pkm


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