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    Kyle Brown
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    We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to post within this section of the Bug Tracker since the release of FM22. Every issue, concern and suggestion put forward has allowed us to enhance and fine-tune our match engine. 

    Following the release of the Main Winter Update, the development team are now at a stage where they believe their focus and efforts are best directed at the future editions of FM and the ME. This will allow us to utilise our resources to work on our long-term roadmap, taking the feedback provided by this community to drive the direction we're heading in. The changes we’re working on are significant enough that they’ll need months of work and balancing from our Match team before we can roll them out publicly. We'll never stop trying to improve on what we have, and we’re fully committed to making the match engine ever closer to reality. 

    Our internal build of the ME is now at a stage where we’re beginning to incorporate our ideas and plans for the next cycle. Simply put, this means the PKM’s we would typically request to investigate current issues will no longer be of use to our testing team as they’re on an older version. As a result, we won't be actively responding to threads going forward, and the forum will be closed to new issues. All currently open threads will be reviewed for consideration into future planning and development. 

    On behalf of the staff here at Sports Interactive, we cannot thank you all enough for the feedback you’ve provided this year. The game simply wouldn’t be possible without such an engaging and passionate fanbase. We are genuinely grateful for the feedback and input each of you has contributed to FM22, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for the next edition.   


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