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  • Unable to create/edit tactic

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    Trying to create a new tactic, I move the positions around and choose roles fine but when I add a player in the player shows on the pitch but then disappears and the tactic resets. Essentially stopped me from creating a tactic.

    Same thing happens when editing an exisiting tactic too.

    I do have a skin on but tried without and that didn't make a difference.

    Tried saving the tactic before adding players but that didn't help.

    Tried a fresh install and that hasn't helped either.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Going to tactic screen and creating a new tactic then moving the positions around (eg. Moving one of my 3 CB's to a Striker and bringing my wingbacks down to full backs. I add my keeper in and by the time I add my next player the tactic has reset and the keeper is no longer on the squad.

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    Would you be able to record your screen and show us what's happening?

    This isn't a widespread issue so it's not one we've seen before, and it's a little tricky to picture what you're telling us. 

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