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  • The time it takes for throw ins and corners to be taken is too long

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    Whenever the ball goes out for a throw in or a corner it takes between 10 to 20 seconds (according to the match clock) to go to the highlight where the player actually has the ball so they can take the throw in/corner. Then taking the actual throw/in corner takes around an additional 5 seconds. I think the 10 to 20 second time buffer between the ball going out and the set piece taker having the ball is too long, particularly if you have the no time wasting and quick throw in instructions turnt on. In real life this can take anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds if they want to do it quickly.

    To add to this I think the quick throw in instruction doesn't work as even if you have them on in your tactic they never actually happen. I've seen it happen once in 5 seasons and I play on Full Match (so I see literally every throw in). When it happened the ball went our for a throw in and the player quickly picked up the ball and carried on playing.

    It would be good to understand the rationale for the 20 second buffer and if quick throw ins are working as intended.


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    I've marked this thread for investigation to ensure it's being looked at ahead of future versions, and that the quick throw in option is working as intended. Thank you for raising it. 

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