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  • VAR - Crowd reaction gives away the decision

    Robbie Hood
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    There is not any suspense at all when a goal goes to VAR check. At least for me who likes to play with match sounds on.

    When a goal is allowed the crowd reaction is normal, but when a goal is disallowed the crowd reaction is quickly silenced/transforms into high pitched booing/whistling. This happens every time and makes the suspense of VAR in real life completely meaningless in FM22 :( Not expecting a fix for FM22, but this should be high on the priority list for FM23.

    Listen to the crowd reaction for the first goal in the 1st minute - goes to VAR and is allowed - normal crowd reaction.

    Listen to the crowd reaction for the disallowed goal in the 63 minute - totally different crowd reaction.

    Nottm Forest v Man City VAR Crowd.pkm


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    • SI Staff

    Can appreciate its not the best situation with there being a clear indicator of a VAR check outcome. Thanks for raising this one to us, it's something we'll look into further.

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