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  • Clicking on an attribute in player profile to show progress

    Murdre Dukc
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    As I understand it, clicking on an attribute in a player's profile should display a line chart for that specific attribute's progress. I remember this working in a demo in 2020 and reported it, it was acknowledged but not completely fixed.

    What's currently happening when I click on Pedri's Decisions here:




    I get a display of all primary role attributes. But when I click on another attribute, like Concentration:




    It seems like "Decisions" was actually selected somewhere by backend code but failed to refresh the UI, and now clicking on Concentration forces the chart to update with only the two of them selected.

    Additionally, if the previous view was the general progress tab (top left), after clicking on an attribute I will keep seeing that chart, regardless on how many attributes I select.



    What I would expect is to always show the same single line when I go to the screen by clicking on an attribute. This is a simple and annoying bug, the kind that really grates over multiple seasons, would be nice to see it fixed properly.


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    We're working on this for future versions and hope to have it resolved for good. I can only apologise it's been in the game this long, and thank you for your continued patience, we wont let it slip again. 

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