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  • Coach and Scout Summary Updates not Updating on Player Profile Page

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    After offering trial for players, their range of potential ability will narrow down. As displayed in the second screenshot, it was a 2.5 star confirmed potential to 5 star possible potential without any scouting, after offering a trial of 4 weeks, the confirmed potential narrows down to 2 star with 2.5 star possible potential after 2 weeks. However, as shown in the second screenshot, the coach summary on the match reports do not match the coach on the player's profile page. The player profile coach summary is the same as when the player has not been scouted yet when the coach summary in match reports have already narrowed down the potential. 

    Football Manager 2022 10_26_2021 5_50_43 PM.png

    Football Manager 2022 10_26_2021 5_50_56 PM.png

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      1. Offer a trial (4 weeks) for a player who is not scouted fully
      2. Wait for a week or 2 for his ability to be narrowed down
      3. Observe the discrepancy between the coach summary in the match report and the coach summary on the player profile page

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