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  • "Exclude Club Player" staying checked in Scouting > Player Search > Edit Search

    Big Buff Cheeto Puff
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    When searching for a player using the "player search" function under the scouting section, the "exclude club player" option stays ticked no matter what, even when told to be unticked.

    Video was too large to directly attach, so see this link to replicate the bug.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Be manager of club > navigate to scouting tab > player search > edit search > advanced > exclude > untick "{CLUB NAME} players} > close exclude > Okay
      Open edit search > exclude
      {CLUB NAME} players will still be checked despite unchecking that filter

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    • SI Staff

    Our QA team will take a closer look at this, but I would personally make the argument that trial players aren't actually your own players in the traditional sense. Have you tried using some parameters that would include your contracted players and do these also show @Big Buff Cheeto Puff?

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