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  • Highlight Key & Preferable attributes – the best position/role vs. the last played in

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    A couple of things regarding the player positions indicator within the player profile and player attributes screens.

    When I open the player overview of Rafal Wolski in my save and I open the "Highlight" drop down menu, there is "The position the player was last played in" option ticked. And it's highlighted that Rafal Wolski played as Advanced Playmaker (Su).

    1. I'm not using AP(S) role within my formation
    2. Rafal played as DLP(S), CM(A), AF or DLF(S) in the last 20 matches - see the 2nd screenshot of player form


    The same is happening in the Player/Attributes screen.

    Another thing is that no matter what option I select in the drop down menu, it will always revert back to the "The position the player was last played in".

    Another thing connected to this is that if some of your own player or a player from a different club didn't play a match, it shows no position/role until you click to the circle in the pitch as it's set to be "The position the player was last played in" by default. There is not even the "Scout Player" button under the pitch in the position indicator if you don't click to the position circle. See the gif bellow.


    Probably, as that's the easiest explanation why it worked almost as normal before the winter patch and it doesn't work properly now.

    I'm not sure if it's intentional or it's a new bug.


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    9 hours ago, Michael Sant said:

    Can you upload your save in which this is happening? I had a little test on my own save and didn't get the same so it would be good for QA to have your file to look into and investigate this further. A guide on how to do this is available here: How to upload files to us - Instructions and Notes - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)


    For sure, Michael, no problem. My first thought was it's a related to the custom skin but as it happens even with the default one after deleting all the custom skins...

    The uploaded file is named: Ondrej Rensie - Warta Poznań.fm

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