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  • Loan player career stats disappearing

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    The career stats of all returning loan players (all teams including mine) disappear when they return at the end of the 31-32 season.

    There's no antivirus software running at the same time as the game. There's enough free HD space.






    Marzio 1.png

    Marzio 2.png

    Vargas 1.png

    Vargas 2.png

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Save file has all player career stats > Continue to 1 Jul 2032 > Loan player stats are gone

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    We're aware of this and unfortunately it's not something we have a solution for yet. We'll look to address it for future versions, but given out late it is into FM22's cycle it won't be resolved for this edition.

    I am genuinely really sorry, I know how annoying it'll be to look at. But I assure you it's only cosmetic, and won't have any bearing on actual gameplay. 

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