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  • Player Tactics Page - "Statistics" using wrong stats/miscalculation

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    First, the STATISTICS - POSITION - LAST 20 MATCHES box is using all the CM data when the player is in the DM position. This could be ok if we remove the "DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER" label and just made it say "CENTER MIDFIELDER". Obviously one cannot play Attacking Midfielder, BTB, or Advanced Playmaker from DM (image one attached)

    Second, the Average Rating score counts matches where a player didn't play enough to register a rating as "0" when calculating average rating. Example below, the stat tells me Davy van den Berg has played 14 matches to a 6.2 average rating. However, I have manually calcluated these 14 matches and his total match rating is 86.8. In two of these games, he did not have enough minutes to register a rating. So this 86.8 should be divided by 12 matches for a 7.2 average rating, but the game is including the two "zeros" for a 6.2 average rating. Attached relevant images below.

    player tactics position stats 1.png

    player tactics position stats wrong calc.png

    player tactics position stats wrong calc2.png

    player tactics position stats wrong calc3.png

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Navigate to the Tactics > Player screen and choose a player

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    Thank you for raising this, and sorry it's taken this long for a response. 

    I've flagged it to the relevant teams, and we'll look to have it resolved for future editions. :)

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