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  • Resolution and zoom combination that makes it impossible to zoom on the tactics screen

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    Resolution 2256:1504 (standard resolution of windows surface laptops), zoom 110%

    Under these settings, ONLY on the tactics screen (both in and out of matches) it is impossible to drag players with the mouse.

    Most of the time, the game misreads this as a left-click. Sometimes the drag action starts but drops after about half a second even if the left mouse button is still held down.

    The problem can be fixed by using different zoom/resolution combinations, but I saw SI staff commenting they want to be told if there's a zoom/res combination that doesn't work: 


    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Resolution 2256:1504 (standard resolution of windows surface laptops), zoom 110%
      try to drag a player from the subs to the first 11 using the mouse

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    Thank you for flagging this. I'm afraid it's a bit too late in the FM22 cycle to guarantee you any sort of fix for this, but we'll make sure the combination is tested extensively prior to the launch of any future versions. 

    I appreciate it's not ideal, but if you are able to play on a different zoom/res while we investigate it would be much appreciated. I can only apologise for the inconvenience. 

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