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    Kyle Brown
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    The staff here at Sports Interactive would like to wish a sincere thank you to everyone who has taken time to raise issues and provide feedback within the User Interface section of our Bug Tracker.

    The game is constantly evolving and we’re working hard behind the scenes on changes to make the future of FM even better. All that work is spearheaded by the feedback we’ve received from this community over the lifespan of FM22.

    Many issues raised here are already under investigation and will be resolved when we implement various design changes or bug fixes. As a result, we feel it’s best to close off this section of the Bug Tracker to new posts. Anything that was raised prior to this announcement will be reviewed by our team in due course to determine whether it could crop up again in future. 

    We cannot thank you all enough for the feedback and discussions you have provided this year. It genuinely goes a long way to shaping Football Manager each year and your collective voice will never fall on deaf ears. We’re excited for what the future holds.


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