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  • Able to build new stadium while another stadium is already in construction

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    So out of curiosity I checked Club Vision and noticed Build New Stadium is a selectable option.  My club is already in the midst of building a new stadium (planning approved, already year 2 into construction).  Currently renting another stadium while new one is being built.  Board will initially say no to the NEW new stadium but they can be convinced and would approve a new stadium even while the OLD new stadium isn't even completed yet.


    Bug or feature? Should I continue just letting my club build another stadium? I can definitely afford it but I'm not gonna wait another 5-6 years for another round of local council approval and construction time again. I reverted the save file to before I requested another stadium and you can see for yourself.  I did not simulate far enough to see if it progresses into the planning stage, but after a few days the board does get back and approve another new stadium.



    Save name is SCAR STADIUM.fm

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Ask board for new stadium (you can see another stadium is already being built) and board will still approve another new stadium

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    Sorry you haven't had a response to this, but thank you for taking the time to raise this. We've got it under review now and it's with our testing team - thank you! :)

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