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    The board wants me to play attacking football, and is "disappointed" that I'm not doing it.

    In my 6 games in charge, here is how many shots we've taken, with * indicating matches where we took more than the opposition.


    That's an average of 21.5 shots per game, well above the average shots the average team takes per game in real life, which is apparently 13.

    It's not an issue of mentality, as we usually play control or attacking, so I'm guessing it's because we're not actually scoring much - we've only scored 6, 1 goal per game on average. We've been unlucky, but we're not playing defensively.

    At the end of the day, the board is asking us to play attacking football, and that's what we're doing. They can be upset that we're not scoring or winning more, but that's a different metric entirely. Surely this should be reworked?


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