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  • Club Records errors after playoff round

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    I won the regular season, and the playoff in the Romanian Liga 1.  But at year end, the game tells me that my team has record low wins (7) and goals (14), based solely on the playoff totals.  I actually won 7 of the 10 playoff matches.  I don't think it affects gameplay -- maybe the Board's opinion? -- but it's annoying:



    playoff results:


    regular season results:



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    On 25/05/2022 at 05:45, Kyle Brown said:

    Do you have a save file prior to those news items coming in, if possible?

    I don't, sorry.  It was in the Romanian Liga 1, so maybe just a small oversight in the program?

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    We'll take a look internally in the meantime but if you do encounter it again please be mindful that we'll need a save. :)

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