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  • Club/Players expect promotion in 2023, come in 2nd in 2022 and Club/Players are unhappy about failed club vision/broken promises.

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    As the title says, german tier 6 league, the Club has the Vison to promote a year later, this year i should come in top half, which i did (2nd place in the league as 15-2 rated for promotion behind the champion who is 1-91 promotion rated).

    Also i am in the Wage Budget but get accused of not staying in the wage budget...almost get fired by the club...last straw keeps me at the job (i was B rated for my work until now).

    The Players, who are promised a promotion one year, respectivley 2 years later, in 2023 or 2024 also get upset and accuse me of broken promises when it is still almost 400 to 750 Days to the agreed time limit.

    Something seems odd to me...


    PS: The ME gives really beautyfull play and great entertaining!



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    Afraid we'd need the save file in order to investigate it properly.

    If you've moved on from it don't worry, we'll keep an eye out on our testing playthroughs and see if we or another forum user can recreate an example. Thank you regardless. :)

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