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  • Coach Contract Repeatedly Cancelled By Board

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    I have had several clubs in my save. At one club, I signed Darren O'Dea as a coach. Within a few weeks I receive notifications that the board have blocked his contract termination, as he signed too recently. This repeats a few times, until enough time lapses that he can be terminated. This has happened for 2 clubs now. I have space for him, and wage budget for him. He agrees a contract, and then it gets terminated. Every time.

    Notice how I signed him multiple times for Liverpool. Each time, he got terminated shortly after signing. I've now signed him for Bristol Rovers, and he is soon to be terminated.

    2022-04-20 23_08_39-Football Manager 2022.png

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Sign Darren O'Dea as a coach.

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