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    Hi, I recently got FM22 and I was disappointed to find that the job centre is completely broken for international management. As far as I can tell this is a bug and not working as intended.

    I cant post job adverts, i have the option to post them but they never appear in job centre and nobody ever applies. So its impossible to hire staff unless you find them through the staff search screen. Also, more annoyingly, available international manager jobs never appear in the job centre, so the only way to apply is to watch the news for who gets sacked and apply through the nation screen.

    This has been the same in multiple saves.

    International management is my favourite part of the game so i am sad about this.


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    Do you have a save file we can investigate regarding the job adverts?

    The international management issue is one we're aware of, and are working to resolve for future editions of FM. I can only apologise. 


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