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  • Manager Performance and journalist incorrectly stating bad performance at start

    Arjan S
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    Since the attribute loss after trialing bug still persists, I decided to take over international responsibilities at The Netherlands. Even though the team won every match before I took control and we beat Montenegro 5-0 in the one match I did play with them, my manager performance is only a D since the board is "Dissapointed with the teams performance in the World Cup Qualifiers" and a journalist actually decided to ask me that since I "continue to struggle" I might get sacked if I get one more defeat.

    Both weird claims since I dominated the one game I played and the team has not lost a single match in the qualifiers....

    Screenshot 2021-11-17 182839.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-11-17 182910.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-11-17 182929.jpg

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Start international game with Netherlands, win the first game 5-0

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    My game was progressed as far as being B+ in board performance or so, but I thought to easily re-create the issue with a new game. It was rather tight as my team decided to only score the winning goal in the 93th minute or so.. but luckily we managed to win. And indeed, the issue came up again.

    Did not sim to the next match to see whether the journalist comes back with the question, but the board is again unimpressed with one match won.

    Uploaded with above instructions as "Arjan S - Netherlands".

    Also, I might be blind... but it seems The Netherlands are missing from the starting screen to pick your team? They are not in international - Europe ... only later can you find them back in the list of international teams.

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    Yep... simmed a couple of days... press release that I desperately need a win to stay in charge.
    And in the tunnel I got the question whether I am under a lot of tension, after all... a loss means my head..

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