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  • Points target not completed despite meeting agreed number of points

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    I hope this is the right forum, if not, please move to the right place.

    Had a meeting with the board to discuss my position in which they set me a points target of 11 points in 5 games. They agreed to reduce this to 9 points in the next 5 games. In these 5 games I achieved 10 points, hence achieving the reduced points target but not the initial one. However, going into the new season, there is still a promise listed to reach the points target, with supposedly 1 game remaining (despite it 100% being 5 games since the initial promise). The promise also states that 'the board are impressed with the 0 points won from the last 4 games'. I don't have a save game from pre-promise (due to rolling auto-saves after every game) but I have uploaded one from before the 'final' game of my points target.

    I then proceeded to lose the first game of the season and was sacked for 'failing' to reach the points target, despite clearly making the points target that was agreed with the board, both in the correct scenario of the last 5 games of the previous season and if you include the first game of the new season.


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    Just going to add I have duplicated the save to upload them, so I will see what number of points is actually required to complete this promise, to see whether it is an issue with the points target being reduced in the original meeting.


    edit: Didn't want to keep spamming the thread, so editing to add that the only result that 'completes' the points target is a victory, meaning I actually required at least 12 points in 6 games and not 9 in 5 as was agreed in the board meeting.

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