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  • Promise broken: Play Youth players

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    A couple issues of note.


    Picture below is from a much older save.



    The picture below is from a newer save and I only just noticed. The backups are also pass the point where it was nearly completed.



    1. two more players are added to the list form promises. I made a new promise to play youth players in a end of season team meeting. These players should not even be registered for last seasons promise.

    2. Played the youth players plenty, granted near the end they didn't perform as well as they could have BUT the promise wasn't "I'm playing them and they'll play well," it's "I'm PLAYING them," ergo promise not broken. Though this is assuming that was the issue. End of the season I'm sure it went back to being green but forgot to check after last game of season.

    3. similar to my previous topic of "promise broken: player unhappy he wasn't sold", we seem to have a problem with semantics. I made a promise of playing my youth players, giving them a chance. I did. That you can be unhappy because they didn't perform as well as they could, that's one thing. That you're unhappy because you claim that a promise was BROKEN (and perhaps incur a deeper morale penalty) is something else entirely.

    The meaning matters. If I took this this game, FM22 for example. Let's say I bought it from the store. Money exchanges hands with the expectation, the promise, of a game in a complete state (let's ignore any bugs).

    The equivalent of how I see this "bug" compared to my FM example is you play the game and then file a claim against the company for false advertising because I didn't like how my Chairmen handled transfer matters.

    The game was purchased, the game is in, essentially, a complete state, the promise is completed. If you didn't like parts of the game however, tough luck, that's on you, not the game.


    Of course I could be full of **** and perhaps the game really just bugged out and it has nothing to do with being unhappy about under performing youth players...... :lol:.


    Save uploaded but only have it after broken promise, not sure what good that will do.


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