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  • Promises -- personal tactic setting

    du Garbandier
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    Luka Filipovic. He's a left-side attacking midfielder. My default here is Inside Forward, but the promise entails that he plays as Inverted Winger. I set up a personal tactic override for this player in all three tactical layouts, so he has been playing as an IW all season. Now he's come to me moaning about a broken promise.

    Obviously the answer "you've been playing as an IW all season, what are you moaning about?" isn't an option.


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    Circling back to this as despite some testing it was never one we were ever get to reproduce but we don't want to leave it behind as we begin work on the next cycle. 

    On the off chance you're still around, could you let us know if you still experience this issue on the latest updates?

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    Haven't seen that particular one lately. I've evolved and now set up for individual games as they come, changing the role from the tactics board, rather than giving the player an ongoing override -- seems to help.

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