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  • Why are players outraged by transfer offers?

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    I have a bunch of players that are fine to stay or fine to talk with other clubs. So I offer them for a value above their market value range, and they're outraged? Why does it matter to them?

    Then I negotiate with them and offer to offer them for the top end of their stated value range, and they are hurt and angered and still think it's realistic. What is that value if not a realistic representation of their worth, and if they don't care to stay or go why would they be so opposed to me trying to get a high fee for them? Wouldn't that, if anything, up their perceived status and be a positive for them?

    In some cases, it's not even a transfer offer, but their transfer status, and when I set it on that screen they said they would agree to it, but they still complain the next day.

    I don't understand how such a simple aspect is now basically game-breaking.


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    In general, the more I think about it, why are the players aware that you are offering them to other clubs in the first place, much less aware of how much you are offering them for? If I want to tell the other clubs around me that they can have x player for y fee that's between us, the agent wouldn't be breathing down my neck while I had a private conversation fishing for potential interest at the very earliest stage.

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    Never did respond publicly here, very sorry for the 5 month wait for an acknowledgment, was a complete oversight and one we're hoping doesn't happen too often.

    Your second point especially raised a good point, and it's something we expect to be refactored when we make some changes we have in store, both for the next version and beyond. 

    We'll continue working on both the transfer system and player interaction, and hopefully gets to a point where everybody is happy with it.

    Thank you again for raising it, and sorry we didn't respond at the time of the post. 


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