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  • A bug with the PA stars and potential league?

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    I'm aware that the stars aren't absolutes and that it's the opinion of the staff member. I'm fine with that and I think it's great… better staff more accurate predictions. 👍🏻

    The problem for me is the mismatch between PA stars and the potential league text..


    Take #35… 4 gold and 1 silver stars.

    "potentially league 1 standard" 


    #25 same stars..

    "potentially championship standard" 


    #66  3,5 gold and 1 silver (less than #35!) 

    "potentially championship standard" 


    #10 3,5 gold stars 

    "Good league 1 player" 


    The same staff member making these reports. 

    Which should I trust more, The Stars or the comment after? 

    Is it a bug or is there some strange logic behind this? 🤔



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    14 minutes ago, Kyle Brown said:

    Do you have a save file with this showing that we could use to investigate this, please?


    Sure :)   sent as: Quickly sendsave.fm

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    • Administrators

    Thank you, I'll have our testers take a look and let you know whether this is intentional or something we can look to improve. :)

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