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    So, I posted this on the General Discussion earlier this week, confused as to what forum to put it, whether it was a bug or not. Here's the original post:

    I've been carrying on in my current save, nearing the end of the current season, and Sunderland seem unwilling or unable to hire a manager, even though they've had the most miserable season ever:


    Job's still listed, but I still can't apply for it. Originally I applied for it end of last season, they said no to me (quite rightly), but then it left me unable to ever apply for the job again. But it also seems to have frozen the job out for anyone.

    They then seem to have had John Hewiston in as manager, but not?



    Here's a screenshot of their manager's history, with the option clicked to remove caretakers. The dude shows up as a full manager, but when I click on his profile:



    He's a Caretaker Manager?

    Sunderland have had an absolutely dismal season all year as well, and I kinda feel it's been down to them not having a proper manager? And them being in this bizarre situation were they think they have one, but don't, the job's always open, but nobodies getting hired?

    Only thing I can hope that can fix it for me is when John Hewitson's contract runs out (fingers crossed):




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    • SI Staff

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    If you have a save game which shows the issue would you be able to upload it to our cloud service (details below). If you happen to have a save just before the caretaker was hired that would also be helpful. 


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