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  • Clubs not playing enough preseason friendlies

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    After noticing that some teams were in strikingly poor shape in my league, I've checked their schedules and it seems most teams in my league usually play between 1 and 3 preseason friendlies, with 2 friendlies being the most preferred number. That's quite low considering Latvian preseason usually lasts a whole month. And most times those clubs have a 2-3 week gap between their last frienldy and the first official match of the season.

    There were a few exceptions in my 11 seasons in Latvia when some clubs played 5-6 friendlies in the preseason, but I cannot find a logical explanation why they don't do that more often.

    I've also looked at some other playable leagues in my save and clubs in England and Germany seem to play a reasonable number of preseason friendlies. Italian clubs mostly do the same, although I did find Bologna and Lazio who've played only two friendlies this season. And Milan have also played only two friendlies in the 25/26 season.

    On the other hand, there is a handful of Belgian and Portuguese clubs that also played two or less friendlies in their last preseason. Porto and Club Brugge being some of the clubs that did not play a single friendly durign their last preseason.


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