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  • Fixture schedule identical in network game

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    I actually don't know if this is an issue in FM22, so please excuse me for posting it in FM22. But this seems like such a small detail that it should be easy to fix, and my guess is that this isn't fixed since FM21.

    In a network game (2 people), doesn't matter if its in the Bundesliga or Premier League, the whole schedule becomes almost identical. This is annoying and should be fixed. 



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    I am not aware of any reports in FM22, so I'm more inclined to say this is no longer an issue on the latest game. If you were to buy it and come across it then we will absolutely take it under investigation and look to find a resolution. 

    But unfortunately there won't be further updates to FM21, so if it's present in that game I can only apologise, it wasn't brought to our attention soon enough to find a solution. 

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