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  • Free agent staff retire too quickly and club hiring behaviour in long-term saves

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    I have done plenty of long-term saves, and recently I started paying a lot of attention to staff members.

    I like taking promising retired players as staff members and increase their stats so they can become managers, and keep them in a shortlist to track their progress. I also like to keep track of every top half club's manager history to see who they hire. My current save is about 16 years in so I gathered a bunch of staff members in my shortlist and most big managers have retired. There is a big shortage of good managers (which is also another problem i wanted to raise), so most managers left have average stats. Top clubs resort to average managers with high reputation. I've had Napoli sign a 9 JPA/JPP manager with no experience outside the Croatian league, only because he had high reputation. 

    I had some of my staff join Premier League clubs, some join average clubs, and some just having great stats, but if they get fired and don't get re-hired, it seems the game triggers them to retire early. So I lost a lot of these people this way, or had to reload an older save and use the ingame editor to assign them to a club just so they don't dissappear completely. These guys have above-average stats, way better than 95% of managers left in the game, yet if they don't get hired for 2-3 years they just dissappear, which doesn't make sense. Meanwhile the game automatically generates regen staff for clubs who can't find anyone to hire, and these generated staff members are usually very very poor. 

    I attached some examples of staff members i've had who i saw they retired through my social media panel, even though they had great stats and promising careers ahead.

    I only mentioned staff that I once hired because I had a shortlist for them so I got notified when they retired, but there are tons of other managers who suffered the same fate - either real life names such as Gerrard and Lampard, or big names who retired with good stats that no-one hired. 

    This was also tested on more than one save and it happens every time.


    In conclusion,

    1. I think the game forces staff to retire too early

    2. There are not enough world class managers left after real life big names retire

    3. Reputation plays too much of a factor for clubs hiring staff






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    • Administrators

    Really interesting stuff here - could really do with the save game so we can investigate further, especially as to why the likes of Bettinelli and Bergman aren't getting jobs in this specific save.

    Could you please upload and let us know the file name? Details on how to upload here - https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/instructions-and-notes/how-to-upload-files-to-us-r98/

    Likewise any other saves which may show anything along these lines would be really appreciate - sharing your findings could allow us to really dig into it all a bit more. 


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    I have uploaded the file called  Usu-PSG-Bayern-SanRam-Barca.fm. 

    EDIT: I completely forgot to mention  that this is in FM21

    I need to mention that I am using a custom databased which adds a new league with a lot of new teams, so you might not recognize some names. Apart from that, I am using a database that boosts all nation youth ratings to 180. I don't think either of those databases have any impact on the issue.

    I have used the in-game editor to move some staff around, and that is specifically asigning Betinelli and Bergmann to clubs, because they used to retire in every single instance so I had to go back to make sure that doesn't happen since I think they have good stats. I've assigned Betinelli his last 3 clubs. Even though he has about 180 CA.

    You can find some managers I've kept track of in the staff shortlist. There are also other odd manager behaviours I've noticed, such as Barcelona hiring an uproven manager that took them to Europa League(before me), big clubs hiring below average managers over managers with good stats (San Ramirez, Man City, Leeds), and very good managers being ignored by the AI (Alex Ortiz to Austria Wien).  There are also a lot of those that have retired before I could even notice, unfortunately. I wish there was a way to be notified before they feel like retiring instead of them dissappearing on the spot.

    Also if you notice, I have left San Ramirez after winning 6 UCLS in a row, yet they hired an average manager after me. You would expect the best club in the world to hire someone better.

    Let me know if there is anything I need to mention.

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    • SI Staff

    There are a lot of changes in this area between editions and of course there are a lot of changes to your database you mention which could have a varying degree of impact. It does mean we wouldn't be able to investigate it properly now given the passage of time and changes in the game. There won't be any further updates to FM21 so it isn't something we can look to resolve unfortunately. 

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