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  • Home Grown Status Bug

    Gary James
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    I am not sure if this is a bug or a change to the Home Grown Player Rules.

    As far as I am aware players cannot earn home grown status at club if they are out on loan and will only earn home grown national if he is on loan within the same country.

    However I have had a notification for a youth player earning HGC status whilst he is on loan. He will only have been at the club for 3 years 15 - 21 at this point so that suggests it is not working properly.




    If this is no longer the case then I have been stockpiling high potential youth players that I have signed in order to gain Home Grown status when I could have been loaning them out.


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    @Kyle Brown We now have the oppossite issue as well a player in my club who has earned a Work permit after arriving but is not earning Home Grown status Eligibility days even though he is only 18.



    I only noticed as i was checking whether to loan him out on deadline day or to keep him to become Home Grown.

    Is there a logical reason for him not earning it as it seems like a bug to me.

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