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  • Issue with Adding/Removing Leagues

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    In my second season I added some leagues to load in, namely the Belgium league... the restart date came and went and the Beligum league wasnt added in. So at the end of my 3rd season I have again selected some leagues to add in. I found that one league did (The Austrian league) but the Croatian, Russian and lower league additions in France and Germany didnt. I had made saves from the days before both of these events so I decided to reload for the day before the Croatia and Russian league reset date and this time they did successful add in. Very strange that they didn't the first time but did the second time. This is a post to a thread with a bit more detail that has been discussed on the general forum:

    I have uploaded two save files, one from before the Austria league was due to load in (like I say it did add fine, but maybe I just got lucky?) the second one is from before the Croatia/Russia reset which didn't add the first time but did the second after I quit out and reloaded the save. The save files are called "Pre Austria League Loading" and "Pre League Loading"



    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Continue one day on both save files and observe if they add or not

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