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  • Kicks from the penalty mark issues

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    \In the final of the Trophee des Champion against PSG, I had a player sent off during the course of the match. When the game went to penalties PSG didn't reduce their players to match my teams as it states in the laws of the game. IFAB Law 10.3 - Determining the Outcome of a Match reads "If at the end of the match and before or during the kicks one team has a greater number of players than its opponents, it must reduce its numbers to the same number as its opponents and the referee must be informed of the name and number of each player excluded. Any excluded player is not eligible to take part in the kicks".


    I know its bloody nit picky but it cost me the game in the end ahahaha




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    We've got this under review already and looking to make changes in advance of future versions, thank you for taking the time to collect that info and raise it to us! :)

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