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  • League goals when on loan, don't count

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    Playing as Danish side FC Nordsjælland, I loaned the player Wahid Faghir for a couple of seasons, before buying him. Since the first loan, he has now scored a total of 73 league goals and beaten the club record of 70. But it appears, as if the goals scored while on loan don't count in the clubs history. 

    Skærmbillede (36).png

    Skærmbillede (37).png

    Skærmbillede (38).png


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    Bit confused by this, as does appear a large chunk of the goals scored on loan are calculated? But yeah clearly a miscalculation somewhere - can you please upload the save game as well so we can take a look?

    If you happen to have any older saves (perhaps some before he breaks the record) that could also be really useful to us. Details on how to upload save games here - https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/instructions-and-notes/how-to-upload-files-to-us-r98/

    If you do upload any please do come back and let us know the file names. Thanks. 

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