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  • Leagues Being Removed Unintentionally

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    I have an issue where the leagues in England, France, Germany and Spain are being removed at the dates I am trying to add the second divisions. 


    I have uploaded the game file which is called RemoveLeaguesBug_gavinmcgirl.fm

    I have also attached a screenshot where you can see all of these leagues have no option to change them to playable/view only etc. 


    Screenshot (20).png

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Load game file
      Navigate to add/remove leagues

      If you advance to date where second divisions are meant to be added and check add/remove leagues, they have been removed

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    We're aware of the issue and it's something we've addressed in the 22.4.1 update - if you have a save game from before the above happening, you should be able to advance without it happening now in your save.

    Let us know how you get on. Thanks. 

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