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  • Match performance in club vision gives nonsensical ratings.

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    When I checked the performance of our team in Club Vision -> Performance -> Matches, I found that my 1-1 draw against Fulham is rated higher than my 1-0 win against Liverpool, when my data analysts said that Fulham is weaker than us and Liverpool is stronger than us. Also, a 4-5 penalty defeat against West Ham in the FA cup is rated lower than a 3-0 West Ham defeat in the EPL. I don't have a save prior to these matches sadly. 1602143006_ScreenShot2022-05-20at4_28_35PM.thumb.png.a4c3f93e73b16cc19a0d2f1fc9a512ba.png18598972_ScreenShot2022-05-20at4_50_17PM.thumb.png.f993d1baee13610169c75e7847fc09be.png627687089_ScreenShot2022-05-20at4_51_11PM.thumb.png.ad8161d5069a7bcb7c33ab641cc850da.png14013205_ScreenShot2022-05-20at4_51_02PM.thumb.png.ceb6ba8357f74433b832690315915c89.png


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