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  • Most staff and players retired at beginning of second season. Was then sacked for getting relegated, even though we came 1st in League Two.

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    As title states, transfer window was just about to open for my second season in charge of Forest Green Rovers. On the day the window opened I had 90+ messages in my inbox, each one saying either a member of staff or player had retired.

    I was then sacked for saying I was relegated.

    I tried reloading the game from a few days earlier, and this happened numerous times.

    My worry is whether this is a recurring issue and if I start a new Save the same thing will happen again.

    Is this a bug? How do I avoid this happening again.



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    TLDR at the bottom.

    Did you Add/Remove Leagues?

    That happened for me. I was in the Premier League, and added League One. Then on the league reset date, all English leagues became unplayable, as if I had removed them, instead of adding League One. 
    I noticed the following, instead of England being "Playable", its like its being removed like Colombia.

    I was frustrated at the time but moved on. Now looking a bit into it :D


    Add Spain 4th tier:image.png.e9c5e267982e3d28d7ed137eb30b276e.png

    Remove Spain 4th tier: image.png.114ae19f60e2af78c6782622aaa76317.png

    I assume all of Spain will then become unplayable on that date. Even if you add the Spanish 4th tier again, its still not "Playable" (if you undo the changes without confirming them the "Playable" tag gets added back).
    I also assume that if you confirm the changes while the text doesn't say "Playable", the nation will become unplayable.

    If you confirm the changes while the "Playable" tag is not there, you seem to not be able to get it back.

    TLDR: If you remove an unconfirmed added league, you're removing the nation as a whole, instead of just the league you clicked remove on.

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    We're aware of the issue and it's something we've addressed in the 22.4.1 update - if you have a save game from before the above happening, you should be able to advance without it happening now in your save.

    Let us know how you get on. Thanks. 

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