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  • National players keeping eligibilty for other countries after debuts

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    I am cap--tieing players on a Scotland save but some players are still eligible for other nations after making their debut in world cup qualifiers. After the same match some players become tied while others can still switch which seems like a bug.

    Mikey Johnston, Ben Wiles, Alex Mowatt, Siriki Dembele, John Bostock, Craig MacGillivray, Ryan Fredricks, Tom Cairney, Joe Bryan, and Greg Docherty locked in after debuts while in the same qualifying matches Kyle Joseph, Ethan Erhahon, Dire Mebude, Vincent Angelini and Rocco Vata can still switch so outcomes are mixed. Mebude has gone on to withdraw Scottish commitment after 2 caps.


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    Really sorry you never got a response to this thread, seems it got lost amongst the forum but just in case you still need an answer I've got some info from our testing team below: 

    "Players can now switch if they have played no more than three competitive matches at senior level prior to them turning 21.

    Appearances in World Cup finals matches or continental finals such as the European Championships would prohibit a change of eligibility.

    However, appearing in a tournament qualifier would not.

    Previous rules ensured that one appearance in a competitive match, including Nations League games, tied players to that country for the remainder of their international careers."

    Hope that clears it up, let me know if you require anything further. :) 


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    Hi Kyle. I have a similar problem. I gave some of my international players 5 caps each (all competititive games) in World Cup Qualifiers.  But they still remain eligible for their other nation. 

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