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  • Not able to upgrade youth facilities

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    I haven't been able to ask the board to upgrade the club's youth facilities for many in-game years. I don't have the relevant choice available when asking the board to make club improvements.

    I noticed it started happening when "Sing players under 23 years old" was removed from the club's vision, as I was able to improve them for some times before.

    Please provide or suggest a solution, it is game breaking for me as I am unable to make my club progress.

    Cheers. Note that I have already upgraded the club's training facilities to the maximum level.



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    I'm afraid we're aware of this issue and one we're working to resolve ahead of future versions, but as of right now we don't have any concrete solutions. It can resolve itself organically if there's a change of ownership within the club or if you were to change jobs, but other than that we can't help any further in the short term - I'm really sorry.

    We're doing what we can to make sure this doesn't crop up again in future. 

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