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  • Save Game Failed - Unable to Progress

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    This is now twice in a row that I have had this error occur across two different saves.

    It is very frustrating to sink so much time into the save only to lose it. I have tried to save on the cloud rather than local also and still fails. Whatever i do i can not progress past this point.

    Please help!




    FM22 Save Failed.png

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Load Save > Go on holiday (22nd June 2031 is sufficient) > Save Game

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    The second save you mentioned that also fails - does it have the same edited database changes? 

    I'm afraid it's very likely down to that database that included the Haven Island league, and isn't something we'd be able to resolve in FM22. 

    If you were to play through this date with a vanilla db, you wouldn't encounter the same issue.

    I'm really sorry for the bad news, but unfortunately I can't offer much more.

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