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  • The price you pay for cheating (re-playing matches)

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    So. I downloaded the english league pyramide down to level 12 or whatever, to bring back Macclesfield FC to where they belong. On the same save, I have multiple managers. 

    This one needs some background story, since I'm outing myself as a cheater! :D

    One of my managers took over Hamburg in the second league of Germany halfway through the first season, at 16th place out of 18 teams. After two 0-0 draws we fell to 18th place and everything looked really dark. Then we started winning, and I were able to grab the qualification spot for promotion late in the season. We won the qualification and got promoted. Halfway into our first season in the Bundesliga we were 4th! That's a 32 spots climb in a year! The fans loved me. The board loved me. The players did probably not love me as much because of denied contract negotiations, but they had the biggest respect for me because of the results. 

    Now, this is at the FIFA World Cup break, and Norway (who normally are allergic to qualifying to the FIFA World Cup) only lost one game in the group stage, but failed to reach the knock-out rounds anyway. In a group with both Croatia and Brazil, you could think this should be considered as a mayor success for Norway. But no. Their Manager got sacked, and I thought... "Haaland. Ødegaard. I should apply for the job! I can run Norway and Hamburg at the same time!"

    "Think again you fool" said the Hamburg board, and fired me. 

    Media were shocked about my sacking. Fans were shocked about my sacking. Even players were shocked. I were... well... Furious!

    One day later I realize that Frankfurt are in the hunt for a new Manager, after underachieving and only being placed 10th in Bundesliga. I were about to give up on this save, but Frankfurt turned it into a pure revenge party! This save now lives on until I've beaten Hamburg so many times that they are begging me to come back and I turn them down!


    On to the issue!

    Finally I get to meet Hamburg for the first time. At home, in front of my new fans. Same day, Macclesfield has a match. So I have two matches in the same day. Macclesfield at 1500, and Frankfurt at 1530, making the matches start "at the same time". Macclesfield's game starts first. (What decides which game starts first in these situations?) Easy win with my reserves on the pitch, since I had an important cup game coming up. 

    Now the Frankfurt game against Hamburg. We are controlling the game and are up 3-1. I make my last substitute in 71' minute. Shortly after, those bastards hurt three of my players. With three men down, we couldn't hold on to the lead and lost in the 90+6' minute. I couldn't take it. So I decided to re-play the matches. 

    First Macclesfield. 3-1 win with the reserves, since I had an important cup game coming up. My new striker scored a hattrick. Then a cruising Frankfurt win over Hamburg. On to the next screen and SAVE! 

    Then I get the match news to the inbox in Macclesfield. It suddenly says that my number one striker scored 2 goals in the 3-1 victory where he was rested completely and was not even on the bench. And I knew that my new striker scored a hattrick! After some investigation, I find out that the game has completely changed my starting eleven for this match, and played pretty much all my starters. To top this, the fatigue were handed out to the players that the game decided to play, instead of the players I actually put on the pitch. The result is the same, a 3-1 victory, but the game has somehow edited my starting eleven for the game, AFTER the game was played, and handed out game ratings and everthing to the players that the game itself decided to play. My poor new striker was never recorded for his hattrick, and my whole plan for the important cup game were completely screwed!

    As I see it, I got screwed for trying to screw the game!

    Worth mentioning:

    This has now happened to Macclesfield twice on this save, after re-playing games where I have 2 or more games at the same time with different managers. The participating players seems to only be changed for the team that plays the first game, which both times has been Macclesfield. The game result stays the same (the mentioned 3-1 victory and another 5-2 victory), but the participating players are switched out by the game. It looks like the game "can't remember" who I put on the pitch (even though the tactics screen shows MY starting eleven after the game), but remembers the result, and then fills in the blanks with the players that plays the most for me. 

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Have two or more managers have a game each at the same time. Play the games, then reload your save and play the games again. The team that plays the first game gets the starting eleven edited after the game, affecting stats and fatigue.

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    A lot to digest here but I don't think this is typically something that we could reproduce from scratch given the amount of variables in play.

    We'd be happy to investigate this, but would likely need your save file from after the match, and possibly from before as well, if that's doable? 


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