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  • FFA Cup Format & Lower League Entrants

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    The FFA Cup is using the old format with all  A-League clubs playing in the first round/round of 32. This has changed to clubs that finished in the top 8 of the previous season of the A-League automatically qualify whilst teams from 9-12 playoff (9 v 12 & 10 v 11) to decide the remaining spots (keeping 10 A-League clubs playing in the first round every year)

    The Lower League clubs that enter the FFA Cup are all from Queensland when in reality it should be this:

    4 from New South Wales 

    2 from Northern New South Wales

    1 from Australian Capital Territory

    1 from Northern Territory

    2 from Western Australia

    2 from South Australia

    4 from Victoria

    1 from Tasmania

    4 from Queensland (3 from Brisbane/Gold Coast/Toowoomba/Sunshine Coast and 1 from Mackay/Townsville/Cairns/Bundaberg/Rockhampton)

    Also the winner of the National Premier Leagues - Final Series also gets a spot in the cup as well.


    Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 1.18.45 pm.png

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      1. Load Australia as playable nation
      2. Check FFA Cup fixtures/results

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    Really sorry you didn't get a response sooner, but can confirm we got enough information to get this put under full investigation.

    Thank you for making us aware. :)

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