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  • Mutual Termination of all Unregistered Players

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    Hi, Not sure if this is a bug or not, but the registration issues are causing havoc.

    Firstly, I was asked to choose my squad for the Asian Champions League and I was unable to register a few players and they've been left out of the squad for the champions league.. The tick is greyed out so I was unable to select those players. I believe they were players either on Yth contracts or scholarships..


    Secondly, After being able to register players for the league once again in January. I left some players out to adhere to salary cap rules as I was going to sell them in the Transfer Window, but instead they've all been mutually terminated, and by the looks of it so has all of my youth squad.. 




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    I went back and got some more screenshots for you regarding the issues above as I quit and didn't save.

    First screenshot is after selecting 'Auto Select' for registration. After selecting this it adds a full 30 man squad despite there not being 30 players in the first team. Then pressing 'clear selection' it keeps 6 players registered, but you can't see which players they are, therefore you can't unselect them again.

    The last screenshot is after confirming registration for the league, it takes you to this pop up and advises you that every single player in your club that isn't registered for the first team will be released by mutual termination. Including the whole youth team. Is this a rule issue or a bug? AS you should be able to keep Unregistered players in your squad so you can sell or loan out to other teams during the transfer window.

    Any feedback would be great, I will save as if you need any other examples.

    Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 11.40.52 am.png

    Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 11.41.41 am.png

    Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 11.45.26 am.png

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    Thank you. 

    I've started a new game to see if the issue was still occurring and it unfortunately is. But I believe all players that are on Part Time contracts in my youth squad are the ones that are being released after not being selected in the first team's 23 man squad. they are the greyed out ticks which are unselectable, which I am assuming is because they are part timers in a professional league.. for eg the highlighted Aaron Gurd below's contract. Yth players on a scholarship contract are unaffected by the first team selection. Hope this helps resolve it soon :) 


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