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  • u20s team added to Club in A-League

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    I'm playing Melbourne Victory in the A-League and noticed somewhere after my first season and the start of my seconf season an U20s team had been added to the Club for some reason.

    This is a separate u20 team to the usual Youth Team.

    I didn't request this and didn't notice it until the A.I. started to hire staff for the U20s.

    Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce this by starting a new save and simming to around about the same timeframe and I don't have a save file from just before it happened.

    I have attached a save file after the fact if this helps.

    I wouldn't mind so much but the A.I continues to offer contracts out for u20 staff even when I set myself as the one who does contracts.




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      I couldn't reproduce it.

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    I'd happily provide one from before this issue happened but unfortunately I do not have one anymore.

    If I run across this issue again I'll make sure to provide a suitable save file.

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    OK, I managed to replicate this somehow with a different team and have uploaded a save file.  You just need to continue to the next day in the save (30th June) and you can see the U20s team get added.

    File uploaded to OwnCloud as mcfg_u20s.fm


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    I assume it gets created in preparation for the Youth Intake, which happens soon.  However the Youth Intake players should go directly into the Youth team and not into a newly created u20 team.

    Thanks for the followup.

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