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  • 2nd team never promoted to Nationale 2 League

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    In my save with Nancy our 2nd team has never been in a league and is listed as being in "Ligue Régionale de Football", I've read that you sometimes need to wait a few years for your reserve team to be promoted in a league but I'm in 2032 now and have been finishing 2nd or 3rd of Ligue1 for the past 9 years, and no signs of my reserve squad reaching Nationale 2. This is unrealistic and frustrating as I've now got one of the best teams on the planet. 

    I've even tried saving and reloading the game at the start of the season in case the promotions are really just random each year, but to no avail.

    I know I can arrange friendlies but it's just not the same feeling as having your youngsters competing in a league.

    Do you know if this is a bug?

    Thanks very much


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    Do you have a save file just prior to the end of a season where they should be promoted? We can take a closer look. :)



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    Unfortunately not, but when I get to that point again, I'll be sure to upload the save, thanks! :)

    Meanwhile here's a screenshot of the list of clubs in France (around where my 2nd team stands). As you can see the reputation level is nearly as high as ligue 2 teams but I'm still stuck in "Ligue Régionale de Football"1356857013_Capturedecran2022-05-27a12_46_57.thumb.png.81763cdfc8f2cc37d3effb9c9b2b240f.png

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